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Holdout is a Zombie Survival game with a twist, It's in 2D. Holdout is based of games like Rust, Dayz and H1Z1.

This game is in very early stages of development and will be updated regularly.

* Pictures are out dated*

In the game at the moment

-Full crafting System.

-Full smelting / Cooking system.

-Working Gathering System with random luck for items.

-Base Building System.

-Random items spawns (Still in process).

-Health/hunger System.

-Weapon System (Still needs a'lot of work).

-Large map.

-Simple Animations.

-Simple AI System for Mobs and Zombies

-Working bed System.

-Door System (Click on the door to open)

-Farming System (needs work)

Planned features

-Full Server Support (plan to have 40-100 player servers).

-Zombie AI, Animal AI. (in but not to the expectations.)

-Group's System.

-Battle Royale Game-Mode.

-Character Customization. (in but need work)

-Sounds effects

-Save files

Controls and Game-Tips

-WASD for Movement

-Escape for Pause (just has resume and exit)

-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 To move positions on tool-Bar

-Shift for Running.

-M for Map.

-B, G, I For Inventory/Crafting Menu.

-E for interaction.

-Mouse for placing a Block.

The Only way to get resource from trees and rocks is with a Rock, Axe or Pickaxe.

The Only way to get Iron Ore is from using a Pickaxe to mine Stone.

You can use your Hands to collect Apples and Cloth from Bushes.

At the moment the only way to die is from hunger and the spikes and Zombies.

To eat Food or use a bandage all you need to do is click it in the Inventory.

to get rid of a item on your toolbar, open the inventory and click the item on the toolbar.

Known Bugs.

I am aware my game is Broken in many ways, But it has only been in development for 4 months. so shh it's a feature not a bug.

-In Inventory / Tool bar Items can stack up to get rid of them click the item on the Toolbar while the Inventory menu is open.

-Error with bed System. Doesn't allow more then 3 beds. if over 3 beds wont open the prompt.

-The map is not fully detailed yet.

-Chest do not work at the moment,

Twitter: twitter.com/Alpha_m0use

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/alpha_m0use/ (I will sometimes stream game Dev)

Thank you so much for checking out our project love from the DogePatrol Team <3

Update: 29/02/2016

-Added Menu System. (Some options do not work)

-Added a Sword Melee Weapons.

-Added the ability to kill Zombie / Deer with Rock. (Very low damage)

-Fixed When placing a item that has 1 < in invi It will take the item away but not place it.

-Fixed That Doors were not craft-able.

-Fixed some bugs with bullet timing and such.

-Fixed being able to move with Pause menu open.

-Known Menus such as "Multiplayer" "Quit" do not work. And were taken out on purpose.

-Working On Start working on the Version checking to notify a user that there is a update. (A "Special" Number is stored on a website and i retrieve that if its not the same as the client it will request a update)

-Working On Animations for Attacking with Melee

Update: 13/03/2016

Sorry I haven't done much in the past few weeks, Been busy with real life stuff.

-Added a new method of putting the items in your tool bar. I opted for the method that the item follows your mouse when you click on it in inventory and click the slot to place it.

-Added blueprints that will drop at item locations. At the moment you can find a SMG blueprint and then you will be able to craft it.

-Working on Optimizing the new Inventory feature. And fixing bugs with it.

Update: 23/03/2016

-Added Farming (you will need to hoe the land first then plant a seed that you get from bushes)

-Added a Hoe (Which is craftable)

-Added a Apple Seed

-Added FPS counter

-Removed/Replaced I removed getting apples from bushes, Instead you get Apple seeds for farming.

-Changed Apples now give you 5 Hunger instead of 2 (this may change)

-Tip you will receive 5 apples from 1 Apple Bush

Update: 17/04/2016

-Sorry for the no updates. We are rewriting the inventory System. And trying to get the networking part finished to be able to launch servers and such. Sorry.


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